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R&D Introduction

Surface Modification Group : Improving the mechanical properties, oxidation and corrosion resistance, bactericidal ability of substrate materials by coating technology



                                                             The lifetime of micro end       The nanolaminated and nano-composite coatings

                                                             mill can be prolonged by        providing excellent bactericidal ability.

                                                                                                             nano-laminated coating.



Optoelectronic and Semiconductor Thin Films Group : Focusing on the development of large scale thin film solar cells, non-volatile memory thin films, transparent conductive thin films  and stretchable optoelectronic devices.



                                                                    Stretchable  solar cell          Perovskite OPV                Strain sensor   



Biomedical Thin Films Group : Focusing on the development of opto-electric bio-sensing and functionalized electrochemical coating. 




Non-traditional Plasma Group :  Focusing on the surface modifications by using plasma electrolytic oxidation and atmospheric-pressure Plasma .



                                                                     Porous oxide layer fabricated by PEO.     Distribution of OH radicals.




High Density Plasma Group : Focusing on the development of advanced commercial coating system and its coating process for functional industrial applications.





                                                         Ex. Application of TiN coating using HiPIMS process for full-reflection car shell mold.