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Center Layout & Apparatus

The total surface area of CPTFT is 1,389 m2. CPTFT contains 15 individual experimental sections, including Advanced physical Vapor Deposition Lab, Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Lab, Advanced physical Vapor Deposition Lab, Thin Films & Mechanical Properties Testing Lab, Advanced Plasma Lab, Optoelectronic Measurement Lab, Industry-Processing Lab, Industry-testing Equipment Lab, Applied Biological Thin Films Lab, Liquid Plasma Lab, Plasma Surface Engineering Lab, Functional Atmospheric Plasma Lab, Plasma & Vacuum Technology Training Lab, Corrosion Prevention & Control Lab, Thin Film And Material Simulation Lab, as well as an office room and a multi-functional meeting room.


 Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Lab.

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Chemical Vapor Deposition, ICP-CVD 


 Advanced Physical Vapor Deposition Lab.Ⅰ

 In- Line Physical Vapor Deposition

 Batch Type Physical Vapor Deposition



 Advanced Physical Vapor Deposition Lab.Ⅱ

High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering, HIPIMS


 Thin Films & Mechanical Properties Testing Lab.

Scratch Tester


Thin Film Impact Tester


Advanced Plasma Lab.

Plasma Polymerization System


Optoeletronic Measurement Lab.


Measuring System

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer)


Atmospheric Plasma Treatment System


Industry Process Lab.

 Ion-Beam Assisted Deposition, IBAD

 Reactive Ion Etcher, RIE

 Deposition System



 Organic-inorganic hybrid coating system


Industry-Testing Equipment Lab.

3D print



Solution Plasma Lab.

Solution Plasma System


Applied Biological Thin Films Lab.

Laminar Flow




Plasma Surface Engineering Lab.



Functional Atmospheric Plasma Lab.

Bio-Plasma System